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To search for keywords within the top 15 Emergency Medicine journals in PubMed, perform your keyword or MeSH search and click the Emergency Medicine Journals filter link on the right side of the results page.

To search for keywords within the top 15 Emergency Medicine journals, in the Scopus database, click on the Advanced Search tab and copy and paste the text below. On the results page click in the "search within results" box on the left side and type the keywords you want to search for within these journals.  Click on the drop down box on the right next to Sort by: and change it to Cited By to re-sort your results with the most cited papers appearing higher up the page. NOTE: For subsequent keyword searches click the browser back button (twice if you have re-sorted your results by citation) to return to your original Scopus search results before commencing a fresh keyword search otherwise the database will remember what you previously typed and keep adding those keywords to the search (which will return too few results).

SRCTITLE(Academic Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(American Journal of Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(Annals of Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(Emergency Medicine Australasia) OR SRCTITLE(Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America) OR SRCTITLE(Emergency Medicine Journal) OR SRCTITLE(European Journal of Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery) OR SRCTITLE(Injury - International Journal of the Care of the Injured) OR SRCTITLE(Journal of Emergency Medicine) OR SRCTITLE(Journal of Emergency Nursing) OR SRCTITLE(Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery) OR SRCTITLE(Pediatric Emergency Care) OR SRCTITLE(Prehospital Emergency Care) OR SRCTITLE(Resuscitation) OR SRCTITLE(Scandinavian Journal of Trauma Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine)

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