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Search Himmelfarb Library's customized PubMed interface to locate clinical and evidence-based information and review articles and link to the library's full-text journal collections.

PubMed EBM/Clinical

Off-Campus Access

While PubMed is a freely accessible resource, you must login to use the EBM/Clinical and Review filters, as well as to link to full-text articles in Himmelfarb Library's collections. If you wish to try PubMed EBM/Clinical without logging in, please use this link.

If you are accessing PubMed EBM/Clinical from an off-campus location, you may either:

  • Click on PubMed EBM/Clinical, then login to ALADIN with your last name and GWid (G#) and choose 'George Washington' from the pull-down menu. PubMed EBM/Clinical will display automatically.


If you have questions regarding off-campus access, please contact Laura Abate at 202-994-8570 or

Your Feedback

We would like your feedback on PubMed EBM/Clinical. Please submit comments below by clicking on 'Comments'.

You may also contact Laura Abate directly at 202-994-8570 or

Many thanks!

Questions & Answers

How is PubMed EBM/Clinical different from that available at

PubMed EBM/Clinical provides a simple method for sorting different types of articles and evidence to make it easier for you to assess your PubMed search results. We recognize that finding high-quality evidence for clinical decisions can be time-consuming due to the quantity of information available. The goal of these PubMed filters is to reduce your searching time in order to allow more time for you to read and analyze available information.

What is different about PubMed EBM/Clinical?

The only change in PubMed EBM/Clinical is that search results are sorted into four groups which are listed under four links on the right-hand side of the search results area. The four groups are:

  • All - this tab contains the complete results of the search.
  • EBM/Clinical Reviews - this tab contains systematic reviews, practice guidelines, and meta-analyses, written in English.
  • EBM/Clinical Trials - this tab contains controlled clinical trials, multicenter studies, and randomized controlled trials, written in English.
  • Reviews - this tab contains review articles, written in English.

How were the results' groupings selected?

The groupings reflect Himmelfarb Library's instruction in searching MEDLINE and PubMed for high-quality evidence. This instruction, in part, trains users to limit searches by publication type (e.g. practice guideline, randomized controlled trial, etc.) and to articles written in English.  The search strategy for the EBM/Clinical Reviews filter is based heavily on PubMed Clinical Queries' systematic reviews filter.

Can I link to full-text articles through PubMed EBM/Clinical?

Yes, you can link to full-text articles in PubMed EBM/Clinical. Himmelfarb Library's full-text link appears in the abstract display where full-text access is available.

I already set my own preferences using 'My NCBI'. How will this affect those settings?

If you have set up preferences using 'My NCBI', you will continue to see your personal preferences. If you would like to use PubMed EBM/Clinical, then simply sign out of your My NCBI account and access PubMed EBM/Clinical.

I would like to add the EBM/Clinical filters to my 'My NCBI' account.  Can I do this? 

Yes.  You can choose standard filters in My NCBI which are highly similar to those in PubMed EBM/Clinical; we recommend the Systematic Reviews and Review filter.  If you would like to set up identical filters, select 'Create custom filter' and use these strategies.

Sample Search

A sample search for 'autism and MMR' conducted in Fall 2009 retrieved a total of 204 articles.

The All results tab displays the total 204 articles and is completely unfiltered. Among the first three articles in this group, two were written in Polish:

The EBM/Clinical Reviews displays only systematic reviews, meta analyses, and practice guidelines which were written in English. This group contains 14 articles which review the available evidence. The first three articles in this group are:

The EBM/Clinical Trials tab displays only controlled clinical trials, multicenter studies, and randomized controlled trials which were written in English. This group contains only 1 article.

The Reviews tab displays review articles written in English. The articles in this tab may have some overlap with the EBM/Clinical Reviews group, but this group will generally contain more articles. The Reviews tab includes reviews which used rigorous methodology to analyze available evidence as well as more overview-type review articles. The first three articles in this set are:


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