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Introduction to Public Health Communication & Marketing: PubH 6503.10: Find Articles

Resources of this guide were created to support: Introduction to Public Health Communication and Marketing: PubH653.10

Research Citation Databases

Interdisciplinary Citation Databases: 

A good place to start your research is to search a research citation database to view the scope of literature available on your topic.

Subject Specific Databases

Subject Specific Databases

Depending on your topic, search the following databases to locate research on a specific topic area to help refine your search.

Marketing/Business Databases



  • Following databases focus on marketing/business topics

Medical Health Sciences Databases

Medical Literature:

Following are core databases covering the medical health science literature.

Multi-Discipline Databases

General in Scope Databases:

If your topic is broad, try the following multi-dicipline databases which will include scholarly research as well as articles from newspapers, wire feeds, trade publications, reports and conference papers and proceedings.

Tip: Click "Peer-Reviewed" to refine your search to only articles in scholarly publications.

Articles + Books@Himmelfarb

TIP: Include  "polls," "survey"  or "questionnaire" when searching your research topic to obtain self-reported data. Include search terms "health knowledge, attitudes, practice,"  "attitudes to health," behavior  or beliefs.

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